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Gorogoro Injun

RP Lee Injun here~!
From The Boss / DGNA
Vocalist and beatboxer
Birthday is 9th March 1992
I like to be happy and cheerful and I'm hungry all~ the time!!
I'm hungry now!! *pouts*
But Karam is feeding me so it's okay~
Karammie is my Boyfriend!!!

myadorablekaram inquired: "I missed you my sweet dream -kisses your cheek- I hope you missed me even if it was just a tiny bit"

I did miss you Karammie. A lot. I missed your cuddles and kisses and smile and heart. *rests a hand on your cheek leading you in for a kiss*

myadorablekaram inquired: "-giggles- wellll i dont know but first you must tell me how my new red hair looks answer wrong and i'll deny you release sweetness"

It’s fiery and sexy and hot and I love it *wraps an arm round your waist and pulls you close* was that the right answer?

myadorablekaram inquired: "-giggles and kisses your ear- mhm I love those injunnie mhmm shall we go now? Or does my injunnie need a little-gropes your groin-release?-blushes-"

*groans* release would be reeeaaal good

myadorablekaram inquired: "You're my new dream-smiles and blows you a kiss-"

And you’re mine *catches the kiss and put it in my pocket*

myadorablekaram inquired: "Injunnnnie!!!!!! -smiles- ill put whip cream on me if you'll lick it off"

Ohreallynow? *eyebrow waggles* Where are you going to put it on?

[Sorry i’m the worst!!]

myadorablekaram inquired: "-lets out tiny mewls of pleasure smiling happily- i missed your lips and arms around me-smirks a bit before looking all innocent- are you a ride that i can get on Injunnie? -giggles- mhmm i think i would like to go on that super fast one that goes round and round"

*whispers under my breath*f-fuck. *feels myself hardening in my trousers, pressing against your leg* y-yes. *swallows* yes I am *blushes kissing your forehead* Yeah? I like the roller-coasters that do loops. 

myadorablekaram inquired: "-giggles- to answer all your questions yes it's your sweater the sexy surprise Is me naked under it -blushes -and hai I really do wanna go to the theme park I've missed you so much -kisses you sweetly- mhmm my sweet injoon"

mmm *puts my hands on your waist and pulls you towards me kissing you back. Works my way to your neck, nuzzling and kissing it as I sneak under the jumper* I’ve missed you too bby. *sucks on a patch of skin just above the neckline of the jumper* What rides do you want to go on in the theme park?