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Gorogoro Injun

RP Lee Injun here~!
From The Boss / DGNA
Vocalist and beatboxer
Birthday is 9th March 1992
I like to be happy and cheerful and I'm hungry all~ the time!!
I'm hungry now!! *pouts*
But Karam is feeding me so it's okay~
Karammie is my Boyfriend!!!

myadorablekaram inquired: "neh of course -smiles and kisses your fingers- only if youll still have me injunnie~ what crazy thing shall we do next huh? you get to pick"

I’ll always have you Karammie. Do you want to go to a theme park and go on all the rides? To make up for my not being here for so long :(

myadorablekaram inquired: "-blushes more nibbling towards you- my perv"

always your pev *nibbles your earlobe*

myadorablekaram inquired: "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY INJUNNIE BEAR-smiles bouncing inmy red sweater- where is my valentines lover -giggles-"

That sweater looks a bit big on you… and familiar… is that mine?

myadorablekaram inquired: "-smiles happily- things are slowing down Injunnie? oh Injoon i love it its so cute is that plants in it? is growing things or its too cute i love it. when you come home i have a sexy surprise for you"

(i’m the worst) yup, I am now out of education and unemployed wooo -_-. Yeah it had flowers in it :) Is the sexy surprise still on offer?

myadorablekaram inquired: "I miss you Injunnie bear-sniffles- no one to eat the food i make or warm me in our bed i missed you"

I’m so sorry my Karammie. I’ve been so bad and such a bad fiance. I’ve had so much work to do and things are changing and coming to an end. I’ve missed you too my Karammie and will make it up to you but for now I’ve made something for our home together. I hope you like it.



*bites gently at your nipple* why would you want to keep secrets from me, boo?

-yelps moaning- no-not any se-secrets i cant i love you too much i tell you everything~

can you tell me where you want me to touch you next?



always your *kisses the top of your head inhaling your scent, giving your hand a gentle squeeze* 

-giggles and kisses your neck- your smelling me again injunnie i love when you do that it makes my heart beat

I can’t help it. I love how you smell. I love the shampoo in your hair, the shower gel you wash with, but I love when you get all sweaty too. It’s all you. And I love all of you. *smiles into your hair, kissing it*

Myadorablekaram: *sticks head through the door* Sorry Karammie 



*tilts head curiously* hmm?

-giggles giving you a quick kiss going into the bathroom changing coming out with a bow on my head and tight underwear that has a present pattern on them while i’m holding a box- which present does my injunnie wish to open first?

that depends, do they work together? or are they completely separate things?