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Gorogoro Injun

RP Lee Injun here~!
From The Boss / DGNA
Vocalist and beatboxer
Birthday is 9th March 1992
I like to be happy and cheerful and I'm hungry all~ the time!!
I'm hungry now!! *pouts*
But Karam is feeding me so it's okay~
Karammie is my Boyfriend!!!

myadorablekaram inquired: "-lets out tiny mewls of pleasure smiling happily- i missed your lips and arms around me-smirks a bit before looking all innocent- are you a ride that i can get on Injunnie? -giggles- mhmm i think i would like to go on that super fast one that goes round and round"

*whispers under my breath*f-fuck. *feels myself hardening in my trousers, pressing against your leg* y-yes. *swallows* yes I am *blushes kissing your forehead* Yeah? I like the roller-coasters that do loops. 

myadorablekaram inquired: "-giggles- to answer all your questions yes it's your sweater the sexy surprise Is me naked under it -blushes -and hai I really do wanna go to the theme park I've missed you so much -kisses you sweetly- mhmm my sweet injoon"

mmm *puts my hands on your waist and pulls you towards me kissing you back. Works my way to your neck, nuzzling and kissing it as I sneak under the jumper* I’ve missed you too bby. *sucks on a patch of skin just above the neckline of the jumper* What rides do you want to go on in the theme park?

myadorablekaram inquired: "neh of course -smiles and kisses your fingers- only if youll still have me injunnie~ what crazy thing shall we do next huh? you get to pick"

I’ll always have you Karammie. Do you want to go to a theme park and go on all the rides? To make up for my not being here for so long :(

myadorablekaram inquired: "-blushes more nibbling towards you- my perv"

always your pev *nibbles your earlobe*

myadorablekaram inquired: "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY INJUNNIE BEAR-smiles bouncing inmy red sweater- where is my valentines lover -giggles-"

That sweater looks a bit big on you… and familiar… is that mine?

myadorablekaram inquired: "-smiles happily- things are slowing down Injunnie? oh Injoon i love it its so cute is that plants in it? is growing things or its too cute i love it. when you come home i have a sexy surprise for you"

(i’m the worst) yup, I am now out of education and unemployed wooo -_-. Yeah it had flowers in it :) Is the sexy surprise still on offer?

myadorablekaram inquired: "I miss you Injunnie bear-sniffles- no one to eat the food i make or warm me in our bed i missed you"

I’m so sorry my Karammie. I’ve been so bad and such a bad fiance. I’ve had so much work to do and things are changing and coming to an end. I’ve missed you too my Karammie and will make it up to you but for now I’ve made something for our home together. I hope you like it.